Dental Implants: These are titanium posts that are placed in your mouth and a crown is placed on top of them. They are the best way to restore missing teeth in the most predictable and long term way, no question about it.

Periodontal Disease: This is the destruction of the gum and bony support around a tooth. If this is lost, then the tooth will begin to get loose and fall out. We can prevent the progression of this disease process by either non-surgical therapy (also called a deep cleaning or scaling and root planing) or surgical means.

Crown lengthening: This is accomplished if there is little tooth structure above the gums or if someone has an excessive "gummy smile" with short teeth. We can make the tooth longer so that crowns can be placed on them.

Grafts: We can take tissue from one area of the mouth to another to bulk up deficient tissue around teeth or to cover roots that are exposed.

We also do a variety of other surgical procedures.

For more information on these procedures please see the American Academy of Periodontology website.